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Vivident, the leading gum brand of Turkey, introduces more than 60 products with wide aroma and package varieties to the consumers.

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Largest and leading brand of world’s 3rd biggest gum and confectionary firm Perfetti Van Melle with global scale penetration.

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Chupa Chups

Chupa Chups

World’s most preferred lollipop brand Chupa Chups, offers extraordinary tastes to consumers at all age groups.

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Big Babol

Big Babol

Big Babol, children’s all-time favourite, is the brand coming to mind when one talks about bubblegum

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Big Babol

Center Fresh

Center Fresh being the first liquid-filled gum of Turkey offers the “feeling of freshness” to consumers for years.

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Big Babol


Sweet strip gum Brooklyn is a brand famous with the bridge symbol on its packaging and nostalgic advertisements.

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Our employees are our most important asset in the competitive gum & confectionary market.

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Social Responsibility

Perfetti Van Melle gives support to various social responsibility projects

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Perfetti Forma Perfetti Forma


We desire to surprise our consumers by offering new products, new aromas, new packages or new product concepts and add “sweet” moments to their lives.

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Production & Innovation

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey is a leading company aiming a permanent development by means of its reliability, dynamism, quality management and customer-focused service understanding

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