Legendary Chupa Chups lolipops

Since 1958 Chupa Chups is preferred by children, young people and even adults in many countries of the world and holds the title of being almost one of four lollipops consumed all over the world. Chupa Chups is one of the leading brands of the Perfetti Van Melle group widely distributed and consumed in world markets and is the clear market leader among hundreds of lollipop brands all over the earth.


The Chupa Chups logo was designed by the famous Spanish painter Salvador Dali.

Chupa Chups

CHUPA CHUPS Soft Candy Family

In addition to various lollipop products present for many years on the Turkish market, Chupa Chups strongly entered the soft candy product category in 2015 with a big launch. The Chupa Chups soft candy product portfolio includes “classical jelly” products containing fruit juice and “extruded jelly” produced with a different production technology and products which are coated with sour sugar.