For more than 80 years, people all over the world freshen up with Mentos.

Mentos has fanatics in more than one hundred countries, from America to Japan, and is fondly consumed since 1932 especially in the roll packaging and chewable tablet format. In Turkey, Mentos took its place in the shelves in 1992 and offers the flavours Mint, Rainbow, Mixed Fruit, Strawberry and Delight in roll packaging as well as Mentos in bottles, mini and single packaging to the fans and is the unchanged address for irresistible refreshment.

Mentos NOWmints

With its chewable tablet Mentos became an icon all over the world, and introduces a completely different dimension to the pleasure of sugar with the new family NOWmints. With the sugar-free mini tablet form and eye-catching thin, tin box, Mentos NOWmints offers a combination of elegance and refreshment.

If the number of Mentos Sticks sold each year are connected to each other, a distance of 575,000 km is obtained.