Thirty Happy Years With Perfetti Van Melle Turkey

Thirty Happy Years With Perfetti Van Melle Turkey

Thirty Happy Years With Perfetti Van Melle Turkey


Perfetti Van Melle Turkey is awarded The Top Employers certification by The Top Employers Institute which is given to the most admired companies to work in the world with its high HR values, practices and strategies.

In this certification process, under 9 different topics such as Talent Strategy, Work Force Planning, On-boarding, Learning and Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Career and Succession Management, Compenisation Management and Culture around 600 Human Resources practices and the performance level of these practices have been audited.

With more than 1.000 employees in Esenyurt, Istanbul, Perfetti Van Melle is producing in one plant on 7.000 square meters and packaging in the other plant on 9.300 square meters and exporting 800 different products to 74 countries. Vivident, the locomotive brand of Perfetti Van Melle Turkey is protecting the leadership in the biggest segment of the chewing gum category in Turkey,  In the product range of Vivident, there are more than 55 varieties, and in total 30 varies products of the Mentos and Chupa Chups brands. Vivident 45 Minutes Stripe and Vivident Extra Wallet, Mentos Mint Stick and Mentos Choco Stick, Chupa Chups Melody Pops stand out as the best selling brands of the company

Top Employers Institute has been accepted as the most prestigious institution in the field of identifying the international standards of HR and giving certification. 

The Americans were chewing gum and breaking records!

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey has increased its chewing gum exports from it factory in Istanbul to the USA by 50 percent in the last 2 years. The company’s exports amounted to 466 million TL.

The Americans were chewing gum and breaking records!

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Perfetti Van Melle Turkey has increased its chewing gum exports from it factory in Istanbul to the USA by 50 percent in the last 2 years. The company’s exports amounted to 466 million TL.

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey, which is one of the leading companies in the chewing gum and confectionery sector with the brands Vivident, Mentos, Big Babol, Chupa Chups, Brooklyn and Center Fresh, signed an important success in exports. The company’s exports in 2016 amounted to 466 million Turkish Liras and showed an increase of 10 percent, compared to the previous year. Since 2007, each year, Perfetti Van Melle has been awarded with the export award in the category “cereals, pulses, oil seeds and products” of the Istanbul Exporter’s Association and increased the number production plants in Istanbul Esenyurt to 2 and the number of exported countries to 79. While the country with the largest number of exports is the USA, EU member countries also took their places among the important export markets. Perfetti Van Melle Turkey has increased its chewing gum export to USA by 50 percent in the last 2 years.

2017 will be the year of candy

In 2017, Perfetti Van Melle aims to maintain its leadership in the chewing gum market with the brand Vivident and grow in the candy market. Perfetti Van Melle Turkey Marketing Manager Ms. Çiğdem Tüzüner Serim said “with our leading brand Vivident in the chewing gum market we intend to protect our current position. We are especially following the innovations in packaging. In line with our global strategy we will continue to offer Turkish consumers innovative products and brand-new packaging concepts this year.”

According to Serim, the candy market has grown about twice as much compared to the chewing gum market in the past two years, and she further stated “we anticipate that the growth in the candy market will continue at this rate in 2017. Value added new product varieties of our global candy brands Mentos and Chupa Chups will be offered to the likes of our consumers and with those we aim to the obtain the highest share in the growing market. “

A thousand people are employed

With more than 1.000 employees in Esenyurt, Istanbul, Perfetti Van Melle is producing in one plant on 7.000 square meters and packaging in the other plant on 9.300 square meters. With 791 million TL, Vivident, the locomotive brand of Perfetti Van Melle is leading in the chewing gum market and at the same time protecting the leadership in the biggest segment of the chewing gum category, the “chewing gum with sweetener”, with a share of 44 percent. In the product range of Vivident, there are more than 50 varieties, and in total 30 varies products of the Mentos and Chupa Chups brands. Vivident 45 Minutes Stripe and Vivident Extra Wallet, Mentos Mint Stick and Mentos Choco Stick, Chupa Chups Melody Pops stand out as the best selling brands of the company.

There is a chewing gum market worth 732 million Liras

According to the information given by Perfetti Van Melle Turkey, the chewing gum market in Turkey has a volume of 11 thousand tons. This amounts to a monetary value of 732 million TL. The market grew by 4.7 percent on a turnover basis in 2016 compared to 2015, but remained at the same level in tonnage.


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Employee’s Engagement Should Be On The Basis Of HR

Perfetti Human Resources Director Kasım Korun says that Human Resources functions are integrated with each other and emphasizes that priority should be given to the employee’s engagement. Mr. Korun combines the education history with HR and says that "A sustainable HR strategy is important for a company in terms of both sustainable growth and sustainable skills development".

Perfetti Van Melle Human Resources Director Kasım Korun, who studied Economics master degree after being graduated from the Mathematics Department of Hacettepe University, explained that he has met the human resources world through the trainings he participated in this period. Mr. Korun who told that he was always interested in social areas though his department was mathematics in the university shared that he met with Pusula Education and Management Consultancy after his researches and norm cadre studies during his master degree studies. Mr. Korun stated that he has started to recognize the HR with his work there, and recorded that he had the opportunity to work in different areas of the HR throughout his career for 20 years. Korun also states that while creating HR strategies, they attach great importance to employee’s engagement and a pool of sustainable talent and he explained the studies they have undertaken for this issue in Perfetti Van Melle.

Could you tell us about your first encounter with HR and your studies after the training?

I worked for seven years in a training management consultancy company that I met immediately after the school. I liked this area starting from the business kitchen here. Training and management consulting was a place where I really understood whether I liked this business or not and whether it fits me or not. Because I was giving trainings to many international and local big corporations and also was making consultancy for HR projects and HR Management. I prepared trainings, I supported consulting projects. After a while, I started to give trainings. We gave very good trainings and thus I had the opportunity to improve myself. But even when I was working in the consulting company, I was always told by the HR world that I started the work in the opposite direction and that I have to see the company side of the business. So in 2004, I accepted the proposition from Avon Cosmetics and I passed to the other side of table. I served there as the manager of sales training department; as the sales training manager and field training manager. We formed an education department there. I then passed to Nestle and started to serve as Sales HR Business Partner. I worked in Nestle for 7 years as firstly Sales HR Manager and then as Operations Partner. I was responsible for all the factories and supply chain. I also worked as Director of Industrial Relations. We were making works such as trade union relations and negotiations. I learned a lot at Nestle about HR practice, operational studies, daily HR practices and strategies. In 2015, I received a proposition from Perfetti for the position of HR Director. I saw that they were very suitable for my values ??and vision and started to carry out my duty there.


You come mostly from the training side of HR. How did you decide to progress in HR after training? What has affected you?

Perhaps my passion for the personal development... My family is composed of educators. In our family values, self development and learning something new were always on the front. I‘ve always been a person who always cares about personal development, reads new books and thinks about the way to apply it on myself. Especially in my university years, I was also interested in social sciences. The HR has addressed my such values ??and I felt I enjoyed doing it. It was very important to learn something new and share it with people. This gave me a lot of fun when I was teaching. It was very valuable for me to make small or big contributions to personal development of people, to share something with them and then to get their positive feedback and thanks.

What are the main dynamics of HR do you think? What do you think about the bases that a HR department should be on?

Training was always on the first plan during the period I started HR practices or served as HR Manager, because I was engaged in training in the past. But by time I have seen that these are integrated systems. Providing primarily the employee’s engagement lies on the basis of this. All HR functions serve this. When you start to separate them, employee’s satisfaction and engagement begin to be affected.

On the other hand, sustainable results and productivity are the main factors for the company. It is important for the performance to improve and to have a long-term sustainable HR pool. So I always try to keep these two main factors together. First of all, do we have a sustainable HR strategy for the company? Because this is necessary both for the company's performance, profitability, costs, and for the development of forward-looking capabilities. On the other hand, on the employees’ side, does the climate we create here really make them come to work pleasantly every day? Does it make them comitted to this company? Can they realize their missions in this company? And does their satisfaction get bigger, even if just a bit? That is the cause I see HR on these two bases. While looking on these two bases, I realize that all HR functions actually affect both of these factors. But sometimes we see the need for prioritizing some certain functions according to the priorities and needs of the companies. What is most enjoyable for me is to be able to bring new talents to the company always, to develop them and in the long run to see them at critical positions in the company.



Which studies did you do with this point of view after you have come to Perfetti?

After we got here, we did a situation analysis firstly. Perffetti Van Melle is a company investing in Turkey’s HR. It has a history during which it has developed and applied very good practices. When I came here, I studied the whole situation. We all started to think about the method to move positive things forward. We have studied the company's human resources for this. This is a very young company. We have an employee count of one thousand. We have 800 operators working in production. When we look at the structure, we see that a large majority of them are Y-generation. So while setting our strategy here, the two factors I mentioned just before were very important. Meanly, to continually improve employee’s commitment and satisfaction and to create a continuous improvement model for the company. Y-Generation has certain expectations. They expect more flexibility in the company such as flexibility in working hours, flexibility in side benefit. We continued to make improvements for such areas. Secondly, we started to work on digitization.

What did you do for digitization?

We have restructured our internet site and made it attractive for younger people. We had a performance system for our operators and the system was in the form of a pen and a paper. We transferred this to electronic media based on more objective data. Then we have set up a sales target system. We follow key performance indicators of our sales personnel on an online system. We constantly receive information from them through this online system. This system measures both business results and a number of behavioural competencies. The company already had training programs to develop the skills but we restructured these training programs under one roof. We named it as Career Kitchen. We have prepared this program together with Bilgi University in a fun way with the simulations that will attract Y-Generation. Because we know that personal development is very important because our team's age is young. So, we have considered the trainings as multi-module programs of one-week or ten-day, under the roof of a university, but not as a one-day or two-day system. We have launched the Sales Academy program under Career Kitchen. We will continue this program next year together with Leadership Academy.

Why did you name the program like this?

The feedback we received from our employees directed the general name of these studies to be Career Kitchen. Employees in Perfetti see here as a career kitchen. They consider it as an important opportunity to improve their careers. We have integrated this Career Kitchen brand with our trainings in conjunction with our products, in order to make their careers more pleasant in this direction. In this context, we also work to provide internship opportunities for our 3rd, 4th class students and new graduates from universities. Within this program, we accept long term interns from different departments of the universities and after a certain internship; we also evaluate these colleagues in business opportunities that occur.

Do you carry out these studies with a strategic plan in the name of the employer’s brand? Why is this concept so important do you think?

It is important for us because of two aspects. One of them is that our brands are rather in the foreground and reach the consumer at first hand. Such as Vivident, Mentos, Chupa Chups... Our corporate name is a bit more backwards. Right now, we want to introduce our company more in this sense. Employer’s brand is very important for employee's adoption. Employees want to work in good companies which are close to their own values. These companies being known with certain values ??also make the employees more pride in daily life. Secondly, of course there is serious competition. This competition is also for gaining the talented people. Talented people also want to know and understand the companies better while making their choices. Recently, the social media is very important and we are actively using those media.

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey has been the first food company, preparing to get Investors In People (IIP) certificate!

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey has been the first food company, preparing to get Investors In People (IIP) certificate!

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey having started works for Investors In People Certificate targets the creating of a human-oriented development and management culture for its employees where they can show their own potential. Perfetti Van Melle Turkey that continues its works intensively for the establishment and application of the IPP standards within the company culture in completion made a firm step in the way of becoming the first food company getting the IPP Certificate, held by only 11 companies in Turkey and approximately 40 thousands of organizations, however, in 75 countries worldwide at current period.  

Investors in People (IIP) is the sole international human resources quality standard in the world that will ensure us to see how correctly the works are made by us with relation to the development of human resources and in what way we can do the same better  and how we can reflect them into business performance and competition power. 

Investors in People (IIP) are a management tool ensuring the integration and parallelism of human resources and strategies of the company. The standard is, at the same time, a benchmarking criterion ensuring an establishment to see at what point it is according to the human resources management in consideration of international applications.

The IPP that is the integration of business strategy and human management strategy offers a roadmap to companies for the creation of work environments where the employees feel themselves valuable, and managed and developed in an effective manner and can set forth their full potentials. Perfetti Van Melle Turkey targets to develop its applications on employee management and development in a way to comply with due international standard with the IPP consisting of 10 main indicators.

The employees in Perfetti Van Melle Turkey say: “We Are Ready To Shed Light Together on Future!”

Ms. İrem Suvat, Human Resources Director of Perfetti Van Melle Turkey, having indicated that it is aimed to develop human-oriented development and management culture with IPP for Perfetti Van Melle Turkey having launched the IPP journey with the slogan of: “Are You Ready To Shed Light Together on Future!” by targeting the highest again for the development and satisfaction of its employees, clarified the objectives and targets pertaining to the subject matter as follows:

“Our claim, as the Human Resources of Perfetti Van Melle Turkey, is to have our Human Resources applications be registered within the framework of international standards and succeed the same at international level. Our company employees maintain their works with substantial work and effort in this direction. Our biggest target is to ensure the parallelism of our business strategies and human resources applications and reach the IPP standard, and rise and make progress between the companies that are desired to collaborate at most. We have made lots of things up to date for the creation of work environments where they feel themselves really valuable and are managed and developed in an effective manner and bring all their potentials forth. We are going to document our claim by making much more of it. We will continue to develop the human-oriented management and development culture with the Investors In People Company certificate.”

The following matters take place within the IIP (Investors In People) model: participation of employees in the process of determining the work strategies of the employees, learning and development opportunities and culture, equal opportunity, attributing value to opinions of the employees, talent management, leadership, justice, clarity and trust, career management, recognition and prize, their participation in decision-making processes, prevalence of participation culture, permanent development on so on.

On Investors in People (IIP)

The IPP that is awarded with 11 companies in Turkey, among which Garanti Bankası, Tofaş, Borusan Lojistik, Boehringer Ingelheim,  JTI , TNT, Ceva Lojistik, MCT, Thames Water and so on, have taken place, bears a notable and decent position globally.

Investors In People consists of 11 main indicators. The organizations that have the understandings and applications satisfying all of these indicators are recognized at international level as an establishment of "Investors In People” and convert the investor in people into performance and competition advantage.

Investors in People,

  • Evaluates to what degree an organization manages and developed the people properly and offers a “roadmap” for the realization of them in an effective manner.
  • Provides parallelism and integration of the company strategies and human resources strategies.
  • Is a benchmarking tool to ensure an organization to see at what point it is on human resources management in consideration of international applications.
  • Is designed on the rise of the work performance and competition power of an establishment by way of management and development of its employees.
  • Is a standard to enable us to see to what degree we do the works that we carry out for the development of human resources, how we can do them better and how we reflect them to the competition power.  

The recognition of an establishment as “Investors in People” indicates that “it has undertakes investment in people for higher performance” and at the same time, the establishment “attributes importance to perfection standards”.

International Certification to Perfetti Van Melle Turkey on Environment management System and Occupational Health and Safety

International Certification to Perfetti Van Melle Turkey on Environment management System and Occupational Health and Safety

The pioneer company of the Confectionary & Gum sector, Perfetti Van Melle Turkey, had another important success in the total quality journey that it maintained for years.

Perfetti Van Melle Turkey that had its product and service quality with ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate in 2003 and ISO 22000 Food Safety Quality Management System Certificate in 2006 internationally was awarded with ISO 14001 Environment Management System and OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certificates in December 2012.

Perfetti Van Melle targeting international leadership with its “high quality, pleasant and creative products of it that will add value to its consumers” that it has undertaken in its Quality Policy has proved its quality approach as well with its Food Safety Policy, defined by it as “To offer hygienic and safe food to consumers and achieve the maximum customer satisfaction”.

Mr. Christian Reinier Rijnsdorp, General Director of Perfetti Van Melle Turkey said: “We work with all our efforts to consolidate our title to become a sample establishment under our leadership in respect of quality at the gum-Confectionary sector. We are determined to increase the value, which we add to our consumers, employees, society and environment, perpetually and evidently at sustainable development axis with an innovative management understanding. We created our Environment and Occupational Health & Safety Policies in 2012 at the end of our works continuing for a long period of time. We are very proud of putting both management systems into practice. The realization of the registration of our Environmental Management System gives us courage in this long journey that we have set off in order to reduce negative effects on environment. The Occupational Health & Safety Management System, however, is the consequence of our target to carry perpetually the operation and service quality level on a higher point that we have been conducting with an approach of perfection.”



The current world has become smaller and significant developments in the field of information, technology and communication have pushed the societies to a merciless competition and a competition where new developments are experienced every day elapsed. The possibility of remaining standing at competitive and flexible markets will be effectuated by the supply of goods and service production complying with the requirements and expectations of customers at all sectors. This will be possible with the application of Quality Management System covering all stages starting at the design stage at the establishments until the marketing and after-sale services and targeting permanent development. Currently, the ISO 9000 Quality System Standards have turned out to be the international standards on the Quality management System that had the highest interest and application field from the date when it is published in 1987 onward


This is a food safety system that may be applied to any establishment in any scale beginning with the procurement of raw materials at a food chain and ensuring the production of reliable foods in conformity with certain norms by ensuring the protection of the system determining critical control points at necessary places and preventing any problem following these points without their occurrence by making risk analyses at any point and stage of the food chain such as food preparation, processing, production, packaging, storage, transportation and so on.

The first requirement of the consumer consuming a product is the safety at the food production. It is necessary to use a parameter that will ensure this safety. In order to ensure this, it is necessary to use ISO 22000 Food Safety Control System. Nevertheless, analysis of only a small amount of the product may cause the insufficiency of data. Then, a method having a preventive approach considering all processes in a systematic manner may be required. At this stage, Food Safety Management System meets all these requirements.

  • Production of safe food by the prevention of possible risks and ensuring the delivery of the same to customer,
  • Reducing product losses,
  • Reducing costs,
  • Ensuring the application of an effective auto-control system,
  • Availability of customer’s demand,
  • Provision of commercial ease,
  • It is necessary to apply this system for ensuring its compliance with legislation.


This is a planned and coordinated study for determining all environmental matters pertaining to the establishment. It is necessary for companies to take measures in order to keep the effects of their activities, products and services on environment under control and most importantly, to maintain such measures, taken by them, under inspection.

What Matters Are Covered by Environmental Management?


OHSAS 18001, to bring down occupational accidents and diseases to minimum level: This is a system containing minimum terms and conditions that may be required to be met for workplaces requiring to fulfil legal obligations pertaining to the Occupational Health & Safety. The system provides following benefits for establishments:

  • Commitment and awareness at any ranks of an establishment for the protection of environment
  • An organization, designed to get a quality environment
  • Planning in order to get a quality environment by means of controlled processes
  • Periodical inspections and reviews that will ensure the development of Environmental Management System
  • Motivation and training on environmental matters
  • Regular control of all procedures, documentation and equipments
  • A system ensuring the change of procedures in a manner taking lesson from their own errors and complaints and preventing the reiteration of such errors
  • Recording all necessary details
    • Making risk analyses and reduction of possible risks due to be determined there under
    • Systematic follow-up of legal requirements
    • Training and raising the awareness of employees
    • Reduction / prevention of accidents & occupational diseases
    • Increasing the work / employee performance
    • Prevention of economical losses
    • Advantage at the field of competition
    • Reduction of costs